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Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration Ceremony


Perfect Moment Ceremonies Wedding or Civil Partnership Celebration CeremonyOnce you have completed the legal formalities (which can be done quite simply in a ‘Small Ceremony’, conducted in a working office, by a Registrar, with two witnesses present), you are free to celebrate your Marriage or Civil Partnership in any way and in any place that you want!

Choose the venue for your special ceremony, it doesn’t have to be licenced, and I will create your perfect celebration ceremony by asking you to tell me about your love story, what makes you a perfect couple, about your dreams for the future together, and many other interesting and personal details, which help to form the basis of your bespoke ceremony.

By working together, we will create your ‘perfect moment’ and memories to treasure forever.




Handfasting CeremonyHandfasting has its origins in our ancient Celtic past and in present times, handfasting is a revival of ancient customs that are mostly lost in time historically.

The act of handfasting was originally an element to a formal betrothal ceremony, where cords were gently wrapped around the bride and groom’s clasped hands and tied in a knot, thus symbolically binding the couple together in their declaration of unity.

Elements of a handfasting ceremony can be included within a wedding celebration ceremony, renewal of vows or commitment ceremony, but if you are looking for something completely different from a conventional ceremony, then a truly bespoke handfasting ceremony could be perfect for you.