Naming Ceremony or Welcoming Ceremony

Perfect Moment Ceremonies Naming Ceremony or Welcoming CeremonyThe arrival of a new baby or child into the family is always a cause for celebration!

However, a naming ceremony is different to a traditional christening, in that the ceremony focuses on the child and their family, and not on religion, so every ceremony is completely unique and tailored to fit around the requirements of the family.

The ceremony could be themed around your child’s favourite story or toy, or even around a film or fairytale – it is your choice. The wonderful thing is that everyone can be involved in promising love and support for the new baby or child.

If you are adopting a child, then why not welcome them into the family by holding a Welcoming Ceremony?

If the child is old enough, they can take part in the creation of the ceremony and this can promote a wonderful feeling of family unity. The ceremony will be completely unique and can include anything you wish.